Leaving Scars is an ultimate crime simulation MMORPG based on the real world and the perks of living in it today.

We live in a dark and dirty world based on crime,  filled with murder, carnage and mayhem. No matter which corner you turn you’re lined up for an exciting ride that could be your last! You could be a petty con or rise the ranks to become don of a family and impose your will upon others. You could follow others quietly in the shadows or step up as “The Leader of the Pack” and force people to listen to your opinions, Maybe have an old fashion turf war and wipe out your competition! Ever felt like robbing a bank or cargo truck? Maybe even hacking a bank? There’s a way you can experience the thrill without leaving your living room!

This world is constantly evolving. We listen to our user base and implement their suggestions as much as possible. We strive to make changes to keep the game interesting and fun for all players. Sign up now and learn more!

There are many features on this game, from hacking banks.. stealing cars.. stealing cargo and selling it. To buying up businesses and setting up your own property, fence shops, chop shops, and casinos.. You can kill other players, mug, bust knee caps, set up families, own cities.. buy banks, airports, and many other features. You can put a hit out on someone, add them to a contract killing list.. and even visit dead players in the memorial services/funeral home. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this exciting adventure!

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