About Us

What is Leaving Scars mission?

Our mission is to bring awareness to mental health by offering a creative platform available to the public to share, interact and bring unity around the globe. People deserve a voice, and oppression is a poison.

When was Leaving Scars founded?

Leaving Scars was founded in 2003 by Richard Fong and Chrissie Le. It became a public entity in 2005.

Where are we located?

Honolulu, Hawaii

Why should people support our cause?

There are too many people across the world that are suppressed and do not have the luxury of speaking without being judged and/or punished. We are offering them a voice, and if you are against oppression, you will support the positivity that we are attempting to push around the world.

How will we accomplish our mission?

We will leverage Leaving Scars outreach and use our platform as an outlet for artists to share their content and thoughts with the community. We will also look into opportunities in the community to speak on the importance of communication and awareness.


Leaving Scars receives art from some of the most talented artists around the globe. If you are interested in contributing, Please follow us on instagram at @leavingscars808 or use our contact form.


Music is a portal. When you hear a sound that triggers an emotion, it pulls you into a world that only you can interpret. Here at Leaving Scars, we are very passionate about our ability to create a better world through sound. Music is programmed in everyone’s DNA, all it takes is a spark to set off a wildfire of change.

If you are interested in having your music shared with our community, please send us an email at support@leavingscars.com or use our contact form to submit your content.


Writing is an amazing outlet for channeling your emotions into words. whether it’s writing a book, maybe a poem, song or play, there are endless possibilities. This section of the site will be dedicated strictly to expression through writing!

If you feel you have content that should be on display, or you have stumbled across content you want to share, Please submit us a link to the content along with the name of the creator. We will do our best to update this section regularly with stuff from around the world submitted by the community.